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Action Method, Action Method. Getting-Things-Done.
Reminding, Reminding me. Reminding-Take Action. 

Evernote, Evernote. The green one, the Green one.
Remember everything, the Elephant. Evernote, Evernote.
Put it in Evernote. 

Pocket, "pick Pocket." Just how I remember it.
Not Instapaper, just Pocket. Or should it be Evernote. 

Dropbox, Dropbox. The blue one, the Blue one.
Put Everything in it. For Work or for Fun.
Dropbox, Dropbox. Share with Everyone. 

Wunderlist my other, Other list.
Skins with wood backgrounds, but why no Repeating?
I'd use you for Planning, for Home or a Meeting. 

Reminders, Reminders. Now Apple has Reminders.
You're simple Too Simple. With Siri Reminding me.

Gmail not Hotmail. Not Outlook just Gmail.
Conversations. Threading. Labels not Tagging.
Your filters Confuse me, Abuse and Amuse me.
Tinkering, Tinkering. 

Tweetbot, little Tweetbot. Adorable Robot.
Attacking me, Distracting me. Always Contacting me.
The messages, those Messages.
Are you Helping or Hurting me?

So Tweetbot, yes Tweetbot. Begging me. Begging me.
Later, Read Later. Choose Pocket or Instapaper.
But why not the green one, the Green one.
The Elephant Competing. 

The Pushing, the Pulling. Of data. Of Data.
Predicting, Afflicting. Conflicting, Addicting. My Time you're Restricting.
The Data, the Data. MAD-MAD-MAD, with Data

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