Note Taking - Moleskine Professional Notebook

Moleskine Professional Notebook

Moleskine Professional Notebook


Being nuts for notebooks, my two favorites are Moleskine and Leuchtturm1917. Moleskine are great for most uses, but Leuchtturm has some cool features most Moleskine books don't have. Here they are:

  1. Numbered pages
  2. Some Leuchtturm have dots rather than lines, really cool
  3. Slightly better binding
  4. Index -- imagine trying to find your notes in an old notebook, you need to have an index! How frustrating it would be to flip through every page to find that one important note.

For Christmas, my father bought me this this book from Moleskine. So far I love it. They  have resolved all of the above mentioned missing features and have added a new system for organized note taking. This new "Professional Notebook" is organized based on the following three features:

1. "Area for basic Meeting Notes, names, agenda"
2. "Area for in-depth notes, key subjects"
3. "Area for action points, next steps"

As a business notebook, this new "Professional Moleskine" is just what the doctor ordered. The organization in this notebook is almost exactly how I improvise in my own note taking but now there's built in organization for my process of taking notes at work. Furthermore, this Professional Notebook has resolved some of the issues that I've experience in all of my other notebooks. This one now has numbered pages and an index! Fantastic!

One thing to mention that I do really like about the Leuchtturm1917 is how they use what seems to be a different paper quality. I tend to like to write with a fountain pen, and these tend to bleed through the Moleskine paper. Not so much on the Leuchtturm books. The paper used by Leuchtturm seems more tolerable for heavier inks.

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