New Zealand - Quick Overview


We arrived in New Zealand before daylight on a Monday morning and then connected with Andy who was on a flight that landed an hour after we arrived. Without any sleep we took a cab to the Sky Grand in Downtown Auckland. By this time things already seemed different, even though dark. When getting in the cab my intension was to enter the front passenger seat. To my surprise, there was a steering wheel there...

There are many things I have to say and to share about New Zealand. It's a wonderful country with rich culture and history. In summary, I can't help but to categorize some of my experiences in Auckland, New Zealand as my own way of collecting my memories of this trip as follows (to be highlighted in future blog posts):

  • Friends
  • Culture
  • Taste
  • Oxygen
  • Sailing
  • Cafes
  • Emirates Team New Zealand
  • Nature

For the first three days of my being back in the USA I felt the travel hangover, otherwise known as Jet Lag. As pointed out to me prior, it's important to spend as much time there as possible so as to properly acclimate. For me, I finally felt acclimated on the day we were there, which then we had to leave. In any case, the trip was amazing in so many ways. Can't wait to go down under again.

P.S. - The header image was provided by Rey and team who were watching my Instagram as much as they could during the trip...