PureBlack Racing launches Website


New Zealand used to seem like it was a million miles away. In the past few months, it feels more like it's in our back yard. We've worked with several New Zealand companies now and have had an amazing time doing it. As a culture we find New Zealanders to be hard working, smart, and easy to get along with. They are great when it comes to following the processes necessary to build industry leading web properties. We want to go there and visit... If you've seen pictures you would too!

So it was particularly close to home, personally, when Greg Cross, the Business Director for PureBlack Racing, asked us to help build their new website. We had worked with Greg recently when we launched the PowerbyProxi website. Greg rides his bicycle every day and has been a key instrument in the formation, funding, and strategy of the PureBlack Racing program. Now Greg is living the dream, riding a killer looking Avanti team race bike, and riding in the team Audis during some of the races. Greg's got lots going on but it has been extremely cool to see how he has been able to direct his efforts to build upon the New Zealand cycling momentum.

PureBlack Racing is all about the details. A close up look at the Avanti custom race bikes and kits shows a beautiful and ornate illustration of the Pohutukawa flower, often referred to as the New Zealand Christmas tree. As part of the branding exercise we worked these illustrative elements subtly into the background of the website.

The new website features rider profiles on the front page. Fans can scroll through the riders without ever leaving the home page, making the stats and information on team riders more readily available. The website also has a section dedicated to the sponsors who make this all possible.

The website was created as a custom WordPress blog, where all content (text and images) are completely content managed by a central WordPress console. From the home page fans are presented with tweets from the road as well as detailed blog posts of the PureBlack Racing adventures.

There is also an e-commerce element to this new website where fans can purchase clothing and other PBR branded products to support the team.

Cycling can be a highly addictive and time consuming sport. But working on the PureBlack Racing website reaffirms the fact that cycling is also an absolutely beautiful and magical sport. Besides PBR pursuing an aggressive path of competitive professional cycling, they represent a healthy lifestyle where good people have come together to prove that sometimes big things can come from small packages.

To the guys on the PBR team, we are watching and rooting for you all the way over in the great state of Texas. GO PureBlack!

P.S. - Stay tuned for some more cool cycling announcements soon to come!