Awake In Auckland

The Kiwi's are quick to criticize the weather in New Zealand in July. Probably because it's winter here and they're used to perfection in December.  However, I find the weather to be perfect here in July. Coming from Texas in July the 50 degree air temperature could not be more welcoming. After being awake for more than one should be, there's nothing like the a first morning in Auckland. The air, the busy streets, the food, and the friendly faces, Auckland is a paradise in the middle of the pacific.

My trip here is to see friends, meet with some business partners, and to visit with Team New Zealand for the launch of the AC72 race boat. Today was a special day for the team. They're putting the boat in the water as an initial test. Also today I had the chance to see the wing. It's been in lock down but will be revealed to the public on Saturday. It's a 72 foot sight to behold. The team is proud as they should be. This is a collection of the finest sailing team in the world. Amazing people.

Chris RonanComment