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2014 was a blur. Mostly because the team at Pearl Technologies has been reinventing the experience between consumers and automotive dealerships. The attitude of “high performance” leadership and innovation has enabled Bruce Thompson and his team to do incredible things. Here are a few words, links, and videos to help tell the story…

  • 2014 Wrap Up: NewCarIQ wins Most Innovative Solution 2014
  • 2015 Launches: Pearl Technologies

Stone Cold Experts — That’s Bruce Thompson and his automotive team. Innovators, too — building a new kind of Buy-Sell experience by disrupting the automotive sales market with analysis and inference tools.

Vision — Leverage decades of subject matter expertise along with deep integration into the backend of automotive dealers across the nation. Then, create a suite of software products changing the customer purchase and dealer selling experiences.

User Experience Disruption — The Team’s first insight: change requires disruption. Disruption presents an opportunity for innovation. This begins with balancing a win-win for Customers and Dealers. Delivering on this vision created a platform on which the biggest names in the business will thrive.

No Compromise - To Bruce’s credit, he also has a gift in building a team and culture in his companies where perfection is never compromised. “It takes a village” to bring products like this to life. “We’re running queries on the back end that are indexing 65,000 records at one time, and there’s no reason with today’s technology that we should expect any customer or dealer to wait more than two seconds for that result."

Full Tilt - Fast Forward just one year, Bruce and his team have earned a very prestigious award in the industry for “Most Innovative Product.” The company, Pearl, is now the Holding Company and Master Brand for VehicleXchange, NewCarIQ, ECarTag, and Trade-In Concierge. Each brand and product work not only harmoniously together, but stand alone in their own right as highly disruptive and successful products. 

Strategy First - In less than one year, the Pearl brands have attracted valuable partnerships with companies such as General Motors, GM Financial, Experian, and These partnerships have given the Pearl Brands a giant shot in the arm for market share and scalability. 

If you are buying a car this year and notice a giant improvement in your buying experience, there’s a good chance this will be the direct result of the Pearl team’s efforts.

Special thanks to Bruce, David, Sherif, Ziad, Hillis, and the gang!

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