There's a Reverb Coming

enjoy the reverb

It's about paying attention. It's about taking more than 140 characters to tell the story. To deeply convey a message. To create something. We've been a society filled with freneticbehavior and mass media consumption. The reverb of such frenetical behavior is just static. No signal. Meaningless noise. My hypothesis is simple. It's the idea that the rush to push ourselves out, in the shiny new moment of being digital figments of ourselves, that we'll find our way. That the outward push will bounce back (reverb) and we'll start to really notice the world around us. To create and truly be part of the experience. Digital mass media is still a mess. I think we'll figure out how to organize it. And when we do we will feel like "creators" again. We'll be the art. This picture was taken a few hundred feet from my home, at White Rock Lake, in Dallas, Texas. A family walk on a Sunday evening. It was just a simple and peaceful moment. I had my digital pen camera and just recorded the moment. It's just a picture now that I like to look at. With my wife and son enjoying the moment with me.