Art, Lie, and the Unexpected


I remember thinking that understanding art would be a beautiful thing

Truth is, there really is no such thing - as art
It’s just a useless three letter word
A simple and cheap word, to express a thought
A concept of freedom, to roam the crevices of the mind

The truth about art, if it did exist;
Beauty in art is for mass media
The promise of “art” — if you can capture it
Is to become enlightened by a falsity

But the beauty is in something unexpected
The hidden nuggets, the art in what's hidden

And that’s where the art is
The search for something - pushing through fear
Reveals the decay - the dust in the far corners
It brings you closer to all that you fear
Until you discover there’s little there to fear
Those monsters become your closest friends
When this happens
Maybe you’ve found “art”

Chris RonanComment