Fun With Haiku Deck

I've been wanting a good reason to test out this new Haiku Deck app on my iPad. What caught my attention at first was the logo. I'm a sucker for origami, and the color scheme they picked was just right. Haiku Deck made its way to my home screen just because of the logo alone -- strange, but apps with cool logos end up on my home screen sometimes.

Then I started fiddling with Haiku Deck to put a little slideshow together of a trip to Australia. I made it back to the United States this past Friday. Since I had most of the images on my local iPad, I was able to assemble most of the slideshow very quickly.

Why do I like Haiku Deck so far? Well, that one's easy. It's about pictures and as few words as possible. Giving any presentation is supposed to be about the presenter rather than forcing labor over excess words. With Haiku Deck the images set the mood and overall tone while the words give cues to the presenter to keep things flowing as naturally as possible.

Also, for my Haiku Deck, I chose to use photos from my trip. Which was appropriate. But it should be mentioned that another great feature of Haiku Deck is how they give you access to the creative commons library so you can grab images on the fly as they suit your presentation needs.

I'll be using Haiku Deck again in the future. I do love it. And I'm kinda persnickety about the look and feel of presentations. Haiku Deck is about giving up some control. It's not Power Point or Keynote. And that's a good thing. I'd suggest you give Haiku Deck a shot. Keep it simple. Say something with five slides. You'll be a pro by the time you're done. It's that easy!

Chris RonanComment