It's just a snapshot. My brother and I were doing one of our Dallas night rides from White Rock Lake down the Santa Fe Trail and into downtown. We ended up near the American Airlines Center and then rode up the Katy Trail. As we were exiting the trail I grabbed this quick snapshot from my Olympus EP-2 camera that was in my fanny pack (yes at times I wear a fanny pack when riding). It was a chilly night and at the edge of the trail was this office. It looked so bright and empty. It was a break room where the workers had obviously gone home. Brightly lit, it was as if the room was still working, but without the people.

It's not near a perfect photo. There's an ugly trash can in the foreground and some noise beneath the room that could have been better composed in the camera. Maybe what I like was how I felt when I took it. Riding as an adult with my brother at night, like two kids on their bicycles. Hauling ass up an empty trail as if we owned it. And then near the completion of the ride there was this office structure, supported from the ground with pillars. And the office, without any sign of life, but anything from life-less.

Chris RonanComment