Wonder XR1200 Introduction

http://vimeo.com/27840999 Every now and then we are able to excercise the creative muscle by doing something that's a little different. I've not kept it any secret that I have a passion for bikes. We have a couple of projects going on with Jason Wonder and yesterday we finally put one on the road. Here's an introduction of the Wonder XR1200 Custom.

Personally, I'm just not a big harley guy. I've always been a bit more interested in the sport bikes. When Harley Davidson brought the XR1200 to the United States, it caught my attention....it also caught the attention of Jason Wonder. I wanted a bike that had that awesome V-Twin sound, some V-Twin power, and a look that we could showcase at the studio.

Here are some words from Jason as to what had to happen to make this bike a reality:

"First thing we needed to do was get rid of the fuel injection. We wanted a hot rod with zero dead spots. So, we went with an XR Carb conversion, ditched the 25lb harness and throttle bodies. We Started this prjoect with a brand new xr1200 which we stripped down to the rolling chassis form. We then removed all wiring harnesses and fuel injection system. Also, we removed the rocker box oil lines to make room for the new carb. The oil cooler is still fully functional.

It's the custom, fully programable ignition and carb give the bike life. It's way more responsive than the stock fuel injection with absolutely no flat spots at all. We also did some testing in the Texas heat to make sure the heads did'nt get too hot and I was a bit surprised to see that we never got near 190 degrees even on a day when it was 112 degrees in good old Wichita Falls, Texas.

Then, to get the look that Chris wanted, I knew he really liked some of the lines in my Rev2, so I game him some of those lines with a custom fabricated tank, tail, seat, exhaust, top tree, side mount and coil mount. Finally, I installed clip-ons with race controls.

When it was all said and done this bike has lost over 120 pounds since it came off the showroom floor as a stock XR1200. My goal was to simplify the bike and bring back a little of that attitude of the real harley XR race bikes. Looks like Ronan likes it..."