Heart Rate: When you're trying to make sense of something, it makes the least sense. It's strange, but things are most clear when my heart rate is between 150 - 160 BPM. Move the body. This is where the magic is. Go too hard and it's all about pain management. Too easy and it's not worth it.

Motorcycles: V-twin's, inline 4's, it doesn't matter. Twist the throttle and make noise. Imagine your every demon is behind you, chasing. Go hard and don't look back. Get out in the country. Stop in the shade with a bottle of cold water. Look at your dusty bike on the side of the road and it's as beautiful as the landscape.

Sharing: What you love should be given. I'm lucky to have children to share with. Fat tires in the woods. Even when they act like they hate it, they can't fool me.

Creating: Lack of creation or the inability to create is where the misery is. Create something every day. Take a picture, write a few sentences, hold a meeting, read a book. All of us were born with the creative gene. Don't let anyone steal it from you.