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What fascinates me is the arc of life; the wiggly line of it all. That little journey in space where narratives shape, form and pass through the filter of ego and "self." I have to believe the stories, brands, and movements of tomorrow will matter more - will be more sticky - for those who look deeply inside first. 




Time stops. All this talk about "mindfulness" or "living in the moment" - and suddenly there you are. In it deeply. You've either lost yourself or found yourself. Do something you love or something you care about greatly. Rinse and repeat. Do it better each time. It does not matter if you are an olympic runner, a violinist or a maker of spreadsheets. Finding flow can be a system - like the muse - you summon flow with a series of habits while reaching greatly to the limit of mind and/or body. My life is lived in the pursuit of flow. This is where I'm most happy.



Teaching is the new selling. In 2017 the world has finally realized this. As such, we have an abundance of content makers competing to teach us. There is no better time to sharpen your skills, learn new techniques or pick up something completely new. Learning is an adventure. You can find flow often in learning. This feed is about learning and some of my favorite "teachers" or channels out there today.


Nostalgia Files (Work)

It does not matter if it's ten minutes or ten years ago - it's all nostalgia. The past is in the rear view mirror and the present is gone in a nano-second. But it's helpful, on occasion, to look back on the work we've shipped. It's a measurement of sorts. A way of checking in with ourselves to make sure we've been making, moving, doing, shipping. It keep us looking at the road ahead.


12k Dreamer notes

Nostalgia comes in many forms. Especially when it comes to cycling. Lessons learned then have been applied over and over again. Here are some notes, memories, chain-ring marks and hunger hallucinations from back in the day.